Innovation that flies

Skyrobotic produces and sales next generation unmanned aerial systems
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Wide Operation

Cut of the edge systems for aerial work

Sharp Results on any application

disaster management, GIS and aerial photography, precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, homeland security

First multicopter with RTK technology

With constant focus on innovation, Skyrobotic produces and sales a series of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

The company aims to achieve a leadership in the field of civil drones for commercial use.

We take care of the whole industrial chain, from design to system integration, right through to production of turnkey platforms for remote sensing of proximity which are robust, practical and effective.

ISO 9001:2008 ISO 9100:2009

Giancarlo Grasso appointed Chairman of Skyrobotic

Stefano Neri takes office as Deputy Chairman Among the main national experts in the aeronautical sector, Mr. Grasso will lead the company in the new configuration of aeronautical and institutional security sector player   Skyrobotic, a company leader in the production...

Skyrobotic drones get ENAC certification for overflying cities and congested areas

Certification allows Skyrobotic to get out of the early-stage phase and open up to industrial partnerships and alliances. New opportunity for the company to enter in the institutional security market ENAC (Italian National Civil Aviation Authority) has awarded the...

Skyrobotic delivered to Vitrociset the first certificate drone

Skyrobotic, a company leader in the production of drones under 25 kilograms entirely Made in Italy, part of the Italeaf Group, announces that it has delivered the first drone with a Certificate of Conformity to EN-004 Project CP. The system was acquired by Vitrociset,...

Skyrobotic obtained the project certification by ENAC for the drones SR-SF6:

Skyrobotic, a company leader in the production of drones under 25 kilograms entirely Made in Italy, part of the Italeaf Group, announces that it has obtained the project certification by ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority) for the unmanned aircraft system SR-SF6...

New organization chart for Skyrobotic: Giancarlo Grasso new Vice Chairman

It was presented the new organization chart of Skyrobotic S.p.A., in order to improve the impact of the industrial growth of the company and to give the boost to the execution phase of scale-up of the Italeaf Group's company . Giancarlo Grasso, former CTO of...


Skyrobotic: crowned best European company in the drone industry for technology innovation and leadership.


Business structure, Know How, engineering and many years of innovation in the field of unmanned aircraft systems at customer service and industry professionals.


Software, tools and procedures to support the user in every phase of use of the system, starting from training to the management and maintenance activities.



Featuring fully-automatic and easy-to-use GPS/INS specifications for aerial inspection of proximity and aerial photography.


Skyrobotic simulation, planning and mission management software combined with the use of composite materials for aeronautical use redefine the standards of UAS performance.


Modularity of the payloads and “Rugged” (MIL 810G, IP65) specifications offer higher capacities at intensive use at a wide range of environmental and application conditions.

RIF. 5021, 5022. RIF. 5107.

Design Control

Skyrobotic manages all the industrial and technological aspects: aerodynamics, avionics, navigation functions and automatic mission management. SkyRobotic ensure “design control” according to the requirements of reliability, security and certification.

  • Performance 100% 100%
  • Flexiblity 100% 100%
  • Reliability 100% 100%

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